The KTM 1190 Adventure is a 1195 cc V-twin dual-sport motorcycle from the Austrian manufacturer KTM. The model was revealed at the October 2012 Intermot trade show for the 2014 model year.[1]
The LC8 motor is based on the powerplant in the RC8 sportbike.[2] Like the RC8, and unlike its predecessor the 990 Adventure, the 1190 Adventure uses ride-by-wire throttle.[3] Cycle World and Motor Cycle News noted the electronic rider aids including ride-by-wire and electronic suspension control, up till now foregone by KTM to emphasize off-road performance, were intended to position the 1190 Adventure against technologically advanced streetgoing rivals like the Ducati Multistrada 1200.[4][5]

The RC8 engine has been re-tuned from 173hp to 148hp and deemed the 'Off Road Superbike' for this reason.
As for the tuning it has four different tuning maps Sports, Street, Rain & Off Road to provide the best throttle response and traction control (MTC) for the situation at hand.

- Sports Mode - This allows the full 148hp and a more aggressive torque curve in the upper end of the rpm range and minimal traction control. While the traction light will come on it will still allow minimal slip and elevation of the front wheel to a point.
- Street Mode - This mode still has 148hp but a less aggressive throttle response as it is meant for everyday riding through the city and highways. This mode has a more aggressive traction control setting
- Rain mode - Rain mode drops the power to 100hp and has the most aggressive traction control setting.
- Off Road Mode - This mode has the power dropped to 100hp but allows a more responsive engine down low in the rev range and the traction control provides minimal intervention, however you will have to set the brakes in to off road mode separately.


KTM 1190 ADV


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KTM 1190 ADV R

The KTM 1190 Adventure R is the dirt orientated model of the KTM 1190 Adventure. This is an all new bike from the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer which is to replace the all successful KTM 950-990 series of off road adventure motorbikes.

When the ABS brakes are set to off road mode, it allows the ABS brakes to still work on the front but the back wheel can be locked up which is handy taking corners in an off road fashion.

The KTM 1190 Adventure R has been released in 2013+ in Australia & Europe and 2014+ in the USA.


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Specs common to all models

1195 cc, 8-valve, 75° V-twin, Liquid cooled, Electric Starter
105 mm/69mm
92.2 ft·lb (125.0 N·m)
6-speed, wet clutch, chain drive
PASC™ anti-hopping clutch/ hydraulically operated
Frame type
Steel tube trellis
Front: 48 mm WP fork with adjustable rebound and compression
Rear: WP shock with adjustable preload, compression and damping
Front: Dual 320 mm disc; Brembo 4-pot caliper
Rear: Single 260 mm disc; 2-pot caliper

Semi-linked ABS
Fuel capacity
6.1 US gal (23 l), Unleaded premium fuel
Ignition System
Contactless, controlled, fully electronic ignition system with digital ignition timing adjustment
5/8 x 5/16” X‑Ring
Steering head angle
Engine Lubrications
Forced oil lubrication with 3 rotor pumps

2014 Models
The 2014 Models come installed with Bosch MSC 9ME Combined ABS, a first of a kind traction control system that handles braking while leaning.
The Bosch MSC system can be retrofitted, by a dealer, on older 2013 models for an additional cost.

Changes for 2014 Models:
- Improved air box, re-enforced for eliminating air leakage around air filter
- Improved side stand

Differences between the models

KTM 1190 ADV
KTM 1190 ADV R
Rear: 17''
Front: 19''
Rear: 18''
Front: 21''
Weight (No Fuel)
212 kg/466 lbs
217 kg/478 lbs
Dual seat
Seat height is adjustable
Single seat
Seat height is fixed
Seat Height
860/875 mm
890 mm
Ground Clearance
220 mm
250 mm
Front suspension is electronic
Front suspension is not electronic
Suspension Travel
Rear: 190 mm
Front: 190mm
Rear: 220 mm
Front: 220 mm
1,560±15 mm
1,580 mm
No crash bars installed
Comes installed with Orange crash bars
Orange or Grey


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