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The air filter box (airbox) of the 2013 and 2014 models (both T and R types) containing the air filter is located under the tank of the 1190ADV. To access the airbox it is necessary to remove the side fairing, including the small part to which the front indicators are attached and the tank cover, as well as the tank itself. A video is available from the Service Tutorials section[1] . There are two horizontal air intakes, located left and right of the headlamp, covered by plastic resembling a honeycomb structure, from which two long, square, horizontal tubes (“snorkels”) guide the fresh air to the air filter. The top of the airbox can be opened by removing eight long screws, which are directly screwed into the plastic of the bottom half of the airbox without any metal thread. Care is to be taken that when removing the screws, no plastic shavings from the plastic thread in the air box fall out of the thread or from the screw into the airbox.
The 2013 model type air filter is set into the bottom half of the airbox and held in place by a plastic bracket which locks into place if fitted correctly. The top half is then placed on the bottom half, apparently without special seal connection to the top rim of the air filter and held in place by the screws.

Known issues:

Sand / dust contamination behind the air filter:

In 2013, several reports and claims, inter alia on Facebook[2] , were published that particularly in sandy or dusty conditions, such as in South Africa and Australia, sand and dust had been found to pass the air filter and enter the throttle, thus potentially causing excessive engine wear and failure.
external image iHoV2M9GEdVAO.png

Potential solution:

It appears that KTM has taken steps to address the issue, as the following parts appear to have new part numbers for the 2014 model year. However, it is not yet clear whether or not KTM will take any steps to address the issue for the 2013 model e.g. by a technical rework and whether or not customers will have to pay for such rework. However, an individual upgrade to the 2014 air box and filter appears to be possible in any case.

2. Water Ingress

The air intake is located high above ground to allow crossing of water obstacles, however it appears to advisable that special care is taken when crossing deeper waters such as rivers and creeks, to avoid that a wave, whether caused by the movement of the motorcycle or other reasons, enters the horizontal snorkels.
The airbox appears to have a small water outlet located at the bottom of the airbox, in front of the air filter, however the diameter of the outlet does not appear to be designed to rapidly cope with a significant amount of water, but rather with the occasional spray water entering the snorkels only. Should intruding water pass the air filter, it will in any case be able to enter the engine through the throttle flap, causing immediate, significant damage to the engine, if it reaches the top rim of the throttle air intakes, which consist of two vertical tubes. (Note that no statement is made here whether the connection between the throttle body, the lower air box and the bottom of the tubes is watertight and water intrusion is possible before water reaches the top rim of the throttle intake). Thus, it appears advisable that in case of serious water intrusion into the snorkels not only to immediately switch off the engine with the kill switch but as well to keep the bike in an upright position until the airbox can be drained and the throttle intake can be checked for water intrusion.

Special care should also be taken when cleaning the bike e.g. with a garden hose or a high pressure washer, to not spray water into the snorkels when cleaning the front of the bike. A minor volume of water sprayed with a garden hose into the air intake is already sufficient to at least partially wet the air filter, which may cause undesirable consequences such as e.g. reduced air passage by wetting the dirt on the filter surface.

Aftermarket / third party vendor accessories:

(to be completed: indicate Unifilter manufacturer, link to website) has in 2013 introduced an aftermarket accessory filter kit, consisting of two filter inserts for the (originally empty) snorkels and further filter elements in exchange for the OEM filter. Since January 2014 the unifilter is being offered for sale by Touratech AG [3] as well. Note that apparently a change has been made by Unifilter for the 2014 model year, with part number
"AU 1436 KIT", so buyers should ensure that the Unifilter product matches the respective airbox of the individual bike.
A video how to install the Unifilter is available from the Service Tutorials section[4] .

Unconfirmed reports on the web suggest that the maximum horsepower available is reduced when the Unifilter is being used, probably mainly caused by the additional filter elements in the snorkels. No statement is made here whether or not KTM supports or accepts the use of the Unifilter, whether or not the use may cause any adverse effect on the motorcycle from safety, performance or other perspective and whether or not the use may impact or void any applicable warranty or other legal or contractual rights.



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